Talkin’ It Up for youth mental health

Posted by Chris Hogan on

Youth mental health is quickly becoming one of the biggest issues facing teenagers, families and teachers alike. LIVIN co-founder Sam Webb recently addressed high school students as the headline speaker at Talkin’ It Up, the 2017 Regional Youth Mental Health Forum. The collaborative event instigated by the Ipswich Hospital Foundation was held at the Laidley Cultural Centre, Queensland and was designed specifically to increase awareness and inform students of the importance of dealing with mental health issues sooner rather than later. The event provided a platform for discussion on various mental health conditions in addition to helping the students identify with the organisations they can turn to when the going gets tough or want to help a friend who may be suffering. In its second year, the Regional Youth Mental Health Forum is dedicated to reaching those students who don’t live in a major capital city and who may not be aware of the available resources that can assist with mental health problems. It was a great day with a lot of information given out but most importantly there was a lot of Talkin’ It Up about mental health issues and ultimately working towards removing the stigma that cripple so many in to staying silent. Looking forward to an even bigger and better one next year!