Trip Hazards - By Luke Cullen

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There are so many potential trip hazards we come across each day, it’s easy to fall over and not want to get back up again. A lot of the time no one can identify what they might be but you.

Setting goals for me has been a major factor in being able to understand what challenges may arise, but it also poses its own set of challenges… Last weekend I set out to run 21kms (the furthest I have ever run) and after getting to the 20km mark, I found myself literally running past my house.

I so easily could have just gone inside and gone yeah close enough is good enough and trust me my lungs and legs were wanting me too! But no, I didn’t allow myself to make that choice… So, I ran 500 metres past my place and sprinted the 500 metres back to prove a point. Not to anyone, because no one would have known if I had stopped early. But to prove it to myself that I don’t always have to trip over these obstacles that arise.

Some of you might find this relatable in some aspect of your life, it doesn’t have to be fitness goals could be as simple as saving for a holiday or just literally aiming to be a happier person through looking after your mental health.

I read the other day that “we can’t control everything that happens to us in life, but we can fundamentally transform our experience of those things.” We control the decisions we make because they affect us first and foremost before they touch those around us.

Sometimes we let outside influences cloud our judgement and leads to us going further and further down the ladder instead of towards the heights we dream of reaching.

Challenge yourself to be better and most importantly challenge yourself to help others. Remember #itaintweaktospeak

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Guest Blogger: Luke Cullen is a sports producer for Channel 7 and a LIVIN Ambassador. @lukeycullen89