Mindful Monday Challenge!

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Let’s briefly chat about mindfulness.

What is mindfulness and why it can be good for YOU!

There is a lot of hype and information about mindfulness out there.

Please don’t start thinking religious pilgrimages, meditation retreats, sitting still and humming for hours at a time, this is not what we expect you to do.


Mindfulness is not always easy, but you can start small.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift – that is why we call it the present (said by someone really smart)

Mindfulness simply means paying attention to the present moment – whether it be a sight, a sound, a taste, a smell or sensation in the body. Focussing purely on the HERE AND NOW for a moment. You can develop mindfulness during regular activities such as walking, brushing your teeth, eating, surfing or driving. How does the toothbrush feel against your gums, how does the toothpaste taste? The goal is to try and focus only on the present moment, what’s happening right now and not getting swept up in your thoughts about the past or future.

Yes, please trust that we know this is much easier said than done. Becoming more mindful and unhooking yourself from thoughts about the past or future can be tough. Try to think of mindfulness practice as building a muscle in the brain – building muscle takes time and commitment.

Now, we certainly do not think that mindfulness is the golden key to solve all of life’s problems, but a fair bit of research does suggest that practicing mindfulness can benefit your mental health – it can help you cope better with stress, anxiety and depression, focus and relaxation. If nothing more it can provide you with quiet and calm in a world that is becoming more and more complex and fast-paced. If it works for you, it works for you so do it more. If, after some practice, it’s not for you, then it’s not for you and that is fine.  You owe it to yourself to find out.  

Your Monday Challenge!





Try one challenge or have a go at all three! It's all about paying attention to the present moment.