North Queensland speaks up about mental health

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It's been a tough month for Central and North Queensland with droughts taking cattle stations to the brink of closure and floods devastating townships and communities.  Whilst the cleanup is underway for some areas, others are still in the middle of this catastrophic natural disaster. Townsville in particular was in the spotlight as an area that was one of the first hit with the rising flood waters and it didn't take long for the country to see how much of a community spirit there is in North Queensland with local company - and proud partner of the LIVIN Organisation - Paradise Outdoor Advertising, made local headlines for their generosity in donating 1,400 tarps and 600 skins for anyone in the Townsville and nearby regions to come and collect as needed. HIT FM Townsville has also been extremely hands on in delivering resources to those who need it and encouraging people to reach out if they need help. With the aftermath of the damage sinking in for those who begin the repairs and recovery of homes, businesses and schools, it can be a very confronting time both physically and mentally. Another organization NQ Connect has identified the emotional toll these events would have on residents and has reached out with the invitation to provide free counselling, mental and social health support to flood affected areas. NQ Connect was able to dedicate this specific service through recent government funding allowing people who are reaching out specifically because of the floods, to have 24/7 phone access to local knowledge and resources. “Natural disasters such as major flooding impact entire communities and can significantly disrupt daily life, so it is common for people to experience a range of intense and confusing emotions,” said Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) CEO John Gregg in a recent media release. In events such as what has happened, and is still happening, in North Queensland, safety is the most important factor to consider when it comes to the cleanup and recovery.  Thanks to the proactive actions of local organisations and businesses, that safety is being identified as not just keeping physically safe but looking after the emotional safety and mental health of the communities that have endured these natural disasters. It is essential that everyone looks after themselves as well as each other. If in doubt, reach out. Struggling and need support? Contact NQ Connect for Northern Queensland support or our Get Help Page. #ItAintWeakToSpeak


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