Don't Hide Behind Your Shades - LIVIN and Dragon collaborate

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Article By: Kelly Malloy

The stigma surrounding mental health whether it's self-inflicted or instigated by others, can be the reason someone who is struggling doesn't reach out for support. This stigma can cause people to 'hide' from speaking up which was the driving force behind DRAGON's Mental Team Trip video, '#DontHideBehindYourShades. 

The team at DRAGON initiated a three day trip, the 'Mental Team Trip' travelling along the east coast of Australia with their Dragon Surf Team athletes from Australia and New Zealand as part of their #DontHideBehindYourShades campaign.  Part of this activation was the athletes using the opportunity to speak up about their mental health without fear of judgement and included the delivery of one of our LIVINWell Programs.

"#DontHideBehindYourShades was created as a call to action for our customers and surrounding community which ran alongside the Mental Team Trip video and has continued to be our overarching mental health message over the last few years." Said Tom Wright, Brand Coordinator for DRAGON Alliance.  "This is ultimately what drew us to LIVIN. We had seen some of the work they had done with their ambassadors/athletes and it really was the strength of their message #ItAintWeakToSpeak and their goal of destigmatising mental health through positive communication and education that impressed us." 

A year later the unity between DRAGON and LIVIN has gone from strength to strength with both organisations appreciating and acting on the essential need for the topic of mental health to be in the forefront of conversation.  

"The collaboration between LIVIN and DRAGON has been an extremely complimentary and organic one." Said Casey Lyons, CEO of LIVIN. "We both have the same underlying mission of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health with our #DontHideBehindYourShades and #ItAintWeakToSpeak and it was a natural transition that we would end up collaborating on a higher level with the release of the new range of LIVIN Sunglasses by DRAGON."

The limited edition range of sunglasses will also act as a fundraiser for LIVIN with sales going towards our LIVINWell mental health educational program. 

"DRAGON is thrilled to be aligning with LIVIN on another project!" Said Tom.

"One hundred percent of the money from this campaign will go towards LIVIN and the development of their cutting-edge educational programs and community initiatives.

We want people to wear these sunnies and know it's okay to speak up, talk to a mate, talk to a professional and not to dismiss things if they are struggling." 

The team at LIVIN sincerely appreciates all of the work that DRAGON has instigated off their own back and inadvertently the support that has been paid forward to our charity by spreading awareness on mental health within their own community.  

"The more initiatives and brands that can be involved (with organisations such as LIVIN), the louder the noise we can make." Said Tom.

"Mental illness doesn't discriminate. Athletes aren't invincible. No one is invincible which is why we need everyone to know that it's not a sign of weakness to speak up." 

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