Get your motor running for mental health

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How many times have you felt like jumping in your car and going for a drive just to 'clear your head'?  This is something the team at FAF Automotive can relate to ten fold as their love for all things auto and their goal to spread awareness on mental health have combined in a way like no other.

Last year LIVIN met with the team from FAF Automotive when they reached out to the organisation with an initiative like one we had never seen before, giving away a Lexus GS300 in support of LIVIN. 

"Both Giorgio and I are firm believers in giving back to the community." Said FAF Auto Co-Director, Tony Ruzic. "We came about LIVIN online and loved what they stood for so in the early stages of the Lexus build, we reached out to them and after our first meeting, we became huge believers in the LIVIN team and the work they do and chose them as our charity to support for the give-away."

The car itself has been built by the talented team at FAF Auto whose business is all about cars and sourcing and providing quality automotive products. 

"This car has something for everyone." Said FAF Auto CEO, Giorgio Nichols. "You'll be tripping over yourself as you discover all the parts, modifications and finer details we have painstakingly put into this car." 

With their experience in a very competitive industry and dealing with car enthusiasts on a daily basis, the guys at FAF Auto started to notice a few things that lead them to open up their own conversation on mental health. 

"The reason we teamed up with LIVIN was because we know a lot people that get into cars as an outlet to alleviate some of the stress they have in their life and also as an avenue to express themselves." Said Giorgio. "Working on cars is a great way for people to get things off their mind when they go into their garage and tinker with their toys." 

This is the second year the FAF Auto team have done a car giveaway but the first year where they have teamed up with a charity to support a cause and mental health seemed to be the most obvious choice.  

"We don't believe mental health is spoken about openly enough." Said Tony. "The automotive scene is quite broad and unfortunately we find mental health does get brushed with a stigma even in our industry alike many other industries."

For more details on the FAF Auto campaign for mental health in support of LIVIN and your chance to win a car (!) check out their website and remember It Ain't Weak to Speak.

The FAF Auto Team with the finished Lexus GS300