Gold Coast workplace running for a cause

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Creating a culture that encourages speaking up about mental health will always equate to not only more productivity in a workplace but a positive environment that helps those both inside and outside the office, which is probably why the team at Innovative Financial Solutions (IFS) are so successful with their clients and sustaining a healthy work-life balance with their staff. 

"A positive workplace creates harmony and promotes productivity and allows a stress-free environment for the health and well-being of our staff." Said IFS Director, Michael Grammatico. "Our team are comfortable to discuss their work and life events with one another sharing freely. Positivity and enthusiasm in the workplace is infectious and enables the team to work at great levels of productivity and have a sense of belonging."

With a majority of people spending more time in their workplace than at their actual home, having a workplace that encourages conversation and inclusion is beneficial to the employee, employer and even the clients. 

"Team culture is imperative in any business and we place strong emphasis on ensuring that the Team work collaboratively to achieve the appropriate outcomes for not only our clients but also each team member." Said Michael.

"We place a very high value on our staff work/life balance and team bonding by providing ongoing training, team building sessions and a friendly, supportive and collaborative work style. Highlighted activities include cooking classes, indoor sky diving, jet skiing and other problem solving events to bring each and every valued team member together to build strong working relationships."

This high value that is placed on staff and work life balance was evident from their recent participation in the Gold Coast Marathon under 'Team LIVIN.' 

"LIVIN being a local Gold Coast charity was promoted to the company at a previous Annual Planning Day where a number of charities were tabled. We chose LIVIN as a charity as mental health issues are very prevalent in todays society and all of us have been touched in some way by the tragedies brought on by lack of knowledge and understanding of the fragility of this condition. It is very important that the stigma of mental health issues are eradicated by the provision of better understanding and support to avoid the difficulties that occur due to isolation and misunderstanding." Said Michael on his teams involvement with LIVIN as an organisation  and through the Gold Coast Marathon. 

The IFS team also have a personal connection with supporting awareness for speaking up about mental health through seeing first hand how financial burdens can attribute to mental health struggles. 

"We believe that financial stress is strong contributor to causing stress on mental health. It is an area of concern in which we would like to assist in educating the general public on how to understand and best manage such challenges and have a plan to achieve goals." 

In addition to team building and mental health awareness, the IFS team who has offices based on the Gold Coast, Sydney and Brisbane believe giving back is just beneficial as receiving when it comes to mental health and team bonding. 

"The support of charities and community events in the workplace is great for team building and helping our staff to help others. We feel Philanthropy should form a part of every business model as there is no greater feeling than an ability to give back."

We thank everyone who participated in this years 2019 Gold Coast Marathon and also the generosity of supporters such at Innovative Financial Solutions and everyone who additionally fundraised for the organisation.  Hope the muscles aren't too sore!