LIVIN for The Great Whitsunday Trail

Posted by Chris Hogan on

An affective coping mechanism for stress or mental illness is to find a purpose and commit to it.  Recently LIVIN co-founder Sam Webb took part in an event hosted by The Great Whitsunday Trail which involved a 28.7 kilometre run on the challenging track through the Conway Ranges National Park at Airlie Beach, Queensland.

It was a track that tested endurance but with the spectacular scenery of some Australia’s most amazing rainforest, the run was worth it and Sam nailed it, scoring a place in the top 15 with his time just under 3 hours.  Due to the distance and terrain of the course through the National Park, the event was organised with SES crew stationed throughout the track.

There are many such events as The Great Whitsunday Trail, some of which are less intense, some of which are more intense.  The message is, by having something in your life that is inspiring you and making you want to achieve, you are encouraging yourself to look forward rather than backward.

Having a goal or purpose is a positive mindset which can help engage your thoughts in a healthy way and keep you driven. Physical exercise is also a great way to get the happy hormones circulating.

Sam had the added privilege of providing a presentation to the event competitors and sponsors on the afternoon prior, speaking about our LIVIN story and our commitment to eliminating the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Well done to Sam on his awesome effort both on and off the track and thank you to the gang at The Great Whitsunday Trail for letting us be a part of this fantastic event.

If you have an event that you would be interested in supporting the LIVIN message, please contact our LIVIN head office.