LIVIN goes large!

Posted by Chris Hogan on

To coincide with Mental Health Week we are proud announce to design, implementation and grand unveiling of the first of our LIVIN billboard awareness campaign across Central and Northern Queensland thanks to the incredible team at Paradise Outdoor Advertising. Released across several locations, the first 8 billboards were unveiled to coincide with Mental Health Week as part of our amazing twelve-month partnership with Paradise Outdoor Advertising in Townsville.  With our commitment to spread mental health awareness throughout regional Queensland and other areas which don't necessarily have the same access to resources that are available in the capital cities, the POA Billboard campaign is the perfect conversation starter. Through the powerful billboard campaign which encourages people who see the message and understand the goal behind LIVIN to speak up, the stigma surrounding mental health is being slowly chipped away as more people see 'mental health' in an every day environment allowing them to relate to the message more. Having a presence that is big and bold is exactly what LIVIN is about.  We want the message to be loud and proud so communities get used to hearing about and understanding that it is completely okay to speak up if you're struggling. Our twelve month partnership with POA, will see the billboards and the LIVIN message move around to different regions every month on a rotational basis in an effort to reach as many people as possible. If you happen to see any of these awesome billboards, just take a few moments to really think about the message.  Maybe it's not you that is having a hard time but perhaps someone close to you who could benefit from a conservation. Together we can all speak up and make a difference. #ItAintWeakToSpeak