LIVIN’s new look!

Posted by Chris Hogan on

Welcome to our new look online LIVIN HQ! We figured it was time to the up-the-anti so our message It Ain’t Weak to Speak could reach more people and we can completely crush the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Our team has been working nights, weekends and yes, even through major sporting grand finals, to get this baby off the ground and after twelve months we are proud to deliver our bigger and better LIVIN to the masses.

Why the change?

Like any well-oiled machine, our website and brand needed an upgrade with some of its parts and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Delivering a new website which is faster, more informative and easier to use to complement our rebranding while keeping our message the same.  To celebrate this launch of our new website we figured it was only fitting to have some threads for the occasion.

In addition to boosting our online presence we are also boosting our wardrobe with an awesome range of new LIVIN hoodies, caps, tanks, shirts, track pants, beanies, crop tops and sweatshirts while keeping true to our roots with our original collection. Check out our entire range on our online LIVIN shop

Thank you to our supporters for helping spread our message, no matter what we look like and a big shout out to the incredible team at Flagship Digital for making all this possible.