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LIVIN hit the mines of Western Australia again for a mental health tour like no other thanks to the invitation from the Gold Industry Group.

Our two LIVIN facilitators Alexa Towersey and Dave Neagle hit the ground running when they touched down at Gruyere mine site to begin a two-week tour of the mine sites and surrounding communities.

With sixteen LIVINWell Programs reaching well over 650 people and with more LIVINWell programs scheduled for the coming days, the message of speaking up about mental health is being heard in areas that would typically not have easy access to conversations on mental health.

The programs ranged from being delivered at the KCGM SuperPit at Kalgoorlie through to the Perth Mint Refinerywith community events and radio interviews in between.  It was an incredible opportunity to be a part of spreading awareness on the importance of mental health to such a vast range of communities and worksites and we are grateful to the team at Gold Industry Group for making this platform for meaningful conversation possible.

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