No Peace In Quiet makes us shout!

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Aimee Tarulli in collaboration with The Project Agency, came up with the unique concept of creating an art auction through visually portraying how there is 'No Peace In Quiet' pertaining to  how those that are struggling with mental illness often suffer in silence.  Aimee herself lost several friends to suicide and was extremely passionate in her dedication to bring to light the difficulties we as a community are facing with the stigma attached to speaking up about mental health. 28 of Australia's best artists joined the initiative by creating unique pieces of art for the online auction with the brief of 'No Peace In Quiet.' After months of tireless effort, the No Peace and Quiet auction held in Melbourne earlier in the month, raised an incredible $70,000 for the LIVIN Organisation. "This money will fund at least 50 school programs around the country arming young people with the tools to tackle mental health challenges and teaching kids It Ain't Weak To Speak. It will also fund further academic research around mental health to create more education programs and will do a huge job at helping to break down the stigma surrounding mental health." Said Aimee. " Thank you to everyone that has followed our campaign, everyone that has purchased a special artwork and all our wonderful artists and partners. This is such a huge team effort and we couldn’t be more proud to help such a brilliant organisation like LIVIN, we hope the next generation can grow up with a supportive network where they feel confidant to share, talk and support each other." We thank Aimee and all of her incredible team, the artists and all of those who purchased the art in contributing to this massively significant donation towards our organisation and we assure you it will be making a difference. We are truly grateful, thank you. #ItAintWeakToSpeak