The difference they made

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There is no shortage of incredible people who do incredible things and we are fortunate to have some many of these incredible individuals as supporters of LIVIN and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. 

Our charity was contacted earlier in the year by two amazing girls, Emily Gruer and Krystal Zvezdakoski, who we affectionally got to know as 'Em and KZ' when they reached out to us with ideas and commitments to supporting the work of the charity through not one, but two amazing initiatives! 

They joined forces in support, time and a lot of work and approached with two events that they were hosting in support of LIVIN. Initially they had both signed up for the Melbourne Marathon with a modest fundraising goal as a way to support the charity and represent the charity in the annual event.  

"The marathon was originally all we had planned and we had set our goal quite low because we weren't sure what we were capable of!" Said Krystal.  "Then we got thinking and Em decided to shave her beautiful locks as a way to get the conversation about the stigma behind mental health started." 

Through the support of their local community along with North Melbourne Football Club star, Jamie Macmillian the event was an incredible success with a lot of love and tears for the amazing statement Emily was making with shaving off her locks. 

"I have personally suffered from mental health issues throughout majority of my life, but it is those closest to me who I have watched also suffer that makes this cause especially close to my heart." Said Emily.

"I know exactly what it’s like to have the darkest thoughts and feel like there’s no way out, but I have recently learnt that those feelings are only temporary and any situation can improve with the right mindset and support of those closest.

Sometimes half the battle is letting people in. It’s when I finally did that I had my biggest break through. There used to be a time where most days I was living in pain, but today I am happy to say that most days I am 'LIVIN’. I want other people who suffer to feel this too." 

Through their amazing dedication and amazing support from their community, a whopping $16,000 was raised through their Everyday Hero page for the LIVIN charity and will go directly towards the LIVINWell Schools Program which enables us to deliver our mental health educational program to high schools around the country at no cost to the school or the students. 

"We are humbled by every single offer of support we receive from all of our amazing fundraisers." Said LIVIN Fundraising Coordinator, Kelly Malloy. "And the selfless generosity from people such as Em and KZ, make the work we do in schools through our LIVINWell Program, all the more meaningful." 

Even after this absolutely incredible result, the girls still remain humble. "We are just two girls with big hearts who want the world to know that It Ain't Weak to Speak." Said Krystal.  And we thank these two inspiring humans and all those who got behind them and supported their amazing initiative. 

Thank you x