The Power of Community in a natural disaster

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At LIVIN, we often use terms such as mates, teammates and family to describe the relationships we have with each other and of course all of you, our followers, our community - and communities are what is needed most as we come together to support those fighting, managing, escaping or loosing everything in the devastating fires that are still burning throughout regions in New South Wales and Queensland. 
This is a disaster that has affected us all whether it's by watching the distressing footage and aftermath being shown on news broadcasts; worrying about friends and loved ones in the affected areas and then there's those that are physically there and mentally living through every part of it. 
From all of the First Response Units that are being called on from around the country, the incredible and selfless acts of those volunteers in the Rural Fire Brigade and those individuals in the communities that we may never hear about that open their homes or work around the clock to cook meals and get supplies for those who have been most affected, this is when the meaning of 'community' goes to the next level and when we as a greater community need to show them our support. 
It is a natural instinct for those who are saddened and moved by a disaster such as the Queensland and New South Wales bush fires to want to help, but it's important that this help and support is delivered through the proper channels to ensure that your generous donation or assistance is effective and useful. 
Please refer to the following organisations who have coordinated campaigns specifically for the current bush fire disaster:
Deploying emergency teams to evacuation centres to provide food, water and practical and emotional support. 
Providing mental health for towns affected by fires and providing Register-Find-Reunite service. 
It is an extremely distressing time for those directly involved in the bush fires and can also feel overwhelming to those on the outskirts who are hearing and seeing all of the devastation through the media or news alerts. This is the time that is so important if you are struggling, irrespective of how you are being affected, to reach out for help and lean on any resources or organisations that can support you through this difficult time.  
Lifeline offers a twenty-four support service through their 13 11 14 number whilst we at LIVIN have the online option through our SANE Australia Forum where you can reach out and join in community platforms for support. 
We encourage you to take extra care of yourself, your family and those around you during this time, and to support those affected to seek help early for any psychological distress.
Photo Credit: Port Macquarie News
If you are struggling and need to talk to someone, visit our Get Help page for organisations that can assist.