Why Mary is making Valentine's Day about mental health

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The 14th of February can be one of those days that can cause a bit of a division between those who embrace the day with their loved one and those who are somewhat polarized by the reminder of not being in a relationship. 

However, when we look at the day closely, it's about finding love and happiness - and that doesn't necessarily have to be through a partner or spouse, it can be about you. 

When our organisation was approached by Janette Laver last year about an initiative to build awareness and create conversation, her idea led her to a Valentine's Day campaign in her Why Mary boutique encouraging self-love and acceptance. 

"Valentine's Day can be a very sad and lonely time for many, leading to a spike in depression and reportedly suicide." Said Janette. Having my shop window displayed with LIVIN's merchandise spreading the message of 'self-love' and 'It Ain't Weak to Speak', is something that I am proud and honoured to be supporting."

Why Mary is an avid supporter of community initiatives in general with all the merchandise in the store created by local designers, which was a deliberate choice by Janette. "Supporting local businesses connects individuals who then support each other. Not only does the money stay in the community, it creates a unique culture for the community which sets it apart from others."

Janette's decision to support a local mental health charity amongst the designers was another way for her to give back to the community. "I first heard about LIVIN several years ago through an associate who was doing some research on local charities.  I connected with LIVIN's message immediately having experienced the impact of mental illness and the tragic loss of loved one's to suicide."

At LIVIN we are reminded daily on what an impact simply wearing some of our merchandise has, with conversations starting between strangers or even just that subtle acknowledgement of a hat tilt. Sometimes it's the smallest messages that can make the biggest impact and we encourage everyone to Wear It, Share It and Speak It because you just never know who you may have helped.

If you would like to check out the selected LIVIN merchandise at the Why Mary store in Robina Town Centre, click here for more details.


 Why Mary store owner, Janette Laver, is proud to represent LIVIN in store in support of mental health awareness.