#44: Linzee Belle Speaks On Finding Her Way Out of the Darkness

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My guest today is Linzee Belle, a Spiritual and Intuitive Coach who has been through it all and back and now lives with a quest to spread the message of love and self acceptance.

In this episode, Linzee shares her story of how childhood trauma and abuse conditioned her to have a foundational belief that she was unworthy and unloved. She talks about how this played out in her life with an addiction to food, bulimia, unhealthy relationships and the need to work hard to find acceptance and love. 

Now living a life focussed on love and self acceptance, Linzee shares her journey of discovering meditation, breathwork, movement and journaling to break the pattern of addition and pain. We talk about the power of storytelling, quieting the mind and the truth behind so many of the buzz words around today.

Linzee shares the tragedy of losing both her sister to a drunk driving motorcycle accident and her brother to suicide and how this catapulted her into the worst season of her life. She shares how she let this pain fuel her to move forward and how returning to meditation and breathwork helped her know she was moving on with her siblings, not without them.

This episode is jam packed with wisdoms from a woman who has lived through some of the toughest experiences you can imagine. She shares a message of hope, of love and of empowerment that you can change your life for the better. 



[3:00]: How Linzee and Sam met through Jason Goldburg and how she connected with him instantly

[4:00]: How storytelling is so important because it gives people hope that other people have experienced similar struggles and they have found a way through.

[5:25]: How a lot of people are scared to tell their story but that when you know that you are accepted and loved for you you are, the fear subsides and being vulnerable becomes a beautiful thing

[7:00]: How we often use humour as a defense mechanism and that the reason why Linzee got into yoga, meditation and breathwork is because she was so messed up and it’s the only way she keeps her shit together. She was tired of hurting and knew deep down there is a light and these things are non negotiable. 

[8:45]: How finding a way to get into her body and not let her mind take over has helped her find peace and it’s something she still does every day

[10:25]: How Linzee was born after her parents were divorced and her mum was enlightened into the spiritual world. She was horribly abused by a family member which imprinted beliefs of not being loved, being worthless and unprotected from a very young age

[12:30]: How Linzee turned to food to comfort herself and was bullied in highschool for being the fat girl

[14:00]: The relationship Linzee had with food and how it was the only thing that brought her pleasure. She was addicted to the rush and in highschool when body image became apparent, she became bulimic 

[15:45]: How she was just wanting to feel better and lost a lot of weight but hid it very well and how it’s so important to look for the signs with people struggling because they do hide it

[16:25]: How Linzee loved singing but purging was affecting her voice so she stopped cold turkey. This empowered her to know that she could do something to change herself

[18:00]: How people decide to make a change when they are faced with pain and how Linzee went head first into pursuing her music dreams but unhealthy belief systems ran in the background 

[19:45]: How Linzee’s childhood trauma gave her the message that she was unworthy of love which was stuck in her body and that we attract what we are

[21:00]: Even though she had stopped purging, her addiction transferred to working hard in order to be happy but she realised she was chasing things instead of really knowing it

[22:50]: How there are so many buzz words around worthiness and self acceptance but they are true and if it triggers you, it’s a gift 

[23:30]: The difference between trying to feel better by saying positive affirmations and being real with where you’re at

[25:00]: How belief systems are coded in through conditioning and self awareness is key so that you can feel the real emotions in order to work through them and change

[26:30]: Keeping one small promise to yourself that you know you can keep will build confidence and train your brain to look for the good things. 

[27:40]: How if you look too much at the future, it takes away from the now and turns into anxiety

[28:20]: How Linzee was addicted to the hormones of stress which caused her to go back into relationships that weren’t good for her and how she responded when she went to her first Tony Robbins seminar

[30:30]: How when there is pain everywhere you turn, you have to break the pattern fast and how having a baby was Linzee’s saving grace because she knew she needed to change for him. 

[32:00]: How quieting the mind is essential and the power of breathwork, meditation, movement and journaling to start shifting your life into alignment with what you really want

[34:00]: How Linzee and her son were living with her mum and nephews because her sister was struggling with drug addiction and how she was killed in a drunk driving motorcycle accident

[35:30]: How Linzee’s brother killed himself after they had a argument and how this led to the worst time of her life in a psych ward and filled with shame

[37:30]: How Linzee was in so much pain and wanted to die but she remembered there was a light and got back into meditation and breathwork and could feel the presence of her brother and sister. She knew she didn’t have to move on without them but with them

[39:00]: How telling people every day that you love them and pointing out the positives in them is so important because most people that are suffering are never going to ask for it 

[41:20]: How after Ryan’s death, Linzee decided to go full force into health and fitness and is competing in her first bodybuilding competition

[42:55]: How Linzee’s family is establishing a foundation called Men Can Cry to create a safe space for men to express their emotions and will continue to work together to spread love

[44:20]: When you know what you don’t want, you find out what you do want and the contrast can fuel your fire to move forward. Pain can serve you if you let it 

[47:00]: Where to find Linzee



Linzee’s Instagram: @linzee.belle


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