Episode 2: Dan Price Speaks On Why He Perfected The Art Of Smiling Depression And Thriving After A Suicide Attempt

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How many of us have heard of a case of suicide where even those closest say “we had no idea”, “there were no signs”, “they never asked for help”? These are common testimonies of best friends, mothers, fathers, siblings, and children of suicide victims. But how could no-one know? How could no one have recognised that someone was going through such mental disease? The answer can be what’s called a ‘smiling depression’. On the outside, and in everyday interactions, a person may seem entirely well without a hint of mental illness however on the inside, the poisonous thoughts are rampant and as thoughts always do, they drive opinions which influences behaviour which leads to action - one such action being suicide. It is also commonly the case where a lack of insight into this condition means even the person suffering is not aware of what they are going through.

Our guest today, Daniel Price, is an amazing guy who has turned his life around after two suicide attempts in the context of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. He became known to our LIVIN organisation a few years ago, whilst LIVIN itself was still in its infancy, and he now identifies as a passionate change-maker, storyteller and educator in the mental health, suicide prevention and wellness space. Dan has travelled throughout Australia, the USA and Europe sharing his inspiring life story, speaking with a rare honesty and vulnerability about his experience with mental health, 

Diagnosed with ADHD at age 7, Dan was over-filled with energy and found it difficult to sit still and stay focussed in class though, as you’d expect, he dominated on the sporting field. The label of ‘ADHD’ and his childhood and teenage experience of bullying and stigma had a lasting effect and set in motion the changes in thought and self-esteem that would inevitably lead to severe mental illness and a suicide attempt in his 20’s. He admits his lack of mental health education led him to stifle his thoughts, feelings and speech for fear of being told to “take your medication and be normal”. This created a toxic coping mechanism of going inward and being reluctant to share.

Now on his journey to health, Dan left a successful career as a commercial property strategist to pursue mental health advocacy and has rather unexpectedly been able to marry the two sectors working full-time for Calvary Health Care as their national property and lease manager. He is a  proud ambassador for R U OK? Day, Movember and Livin.org, three widely known global suicide prevention and mental health charities. I am honoured to have this inspiring guy on my show telling his story and sharing strategies to achieve health.


  • [5:50]: How Dan came to find LIVIN during a difficult struggle with mental illness
  • [10:00]: The powerful impact that Dan’s story had on people around the world
  • [12:49]: How being diagnosed with ADHD as a young boy affected Dan’s life 
  • [15:44]: The effect of being bullied as an adolescent and how it impacted him later in life
  • [17:17]: How Dan developed the toxic behaviour of suppressing his emotions
  • [19:15]: The power of speaking up
  • [20:20]: The illusion of perfectionism and the role it plays on mental health
  • [22:36]: Dan shares about his journey into adulthood and the unhealthy mental patterns that were established
  • [27:30]: The “healthy” habits that turn into very unhealthy coping mechanisms and addiction
  • [32:50]: How Dan’s low self esteem led to a marriage breakdown and escapism into drugs and partying
  • [37:30]: The downward spiral into deep depression, anxiety and substance abuse
  • [42:00]: Dan speaks about his crisis point and near suicide in 2014 
  • [46:55]: Advice to people living in a desperate place
  • [50:45]: The importance of reaching out for help and practising self-care
  • [54:55]: Dan shares about his wife’s miscarriage and the negative impact that had on his mental health
  • [1:00:00]: Dan’s choice to admit himself into hospital to ensure he got back on track
  • [1:02:20]: Self care is number 1 care

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