Episode 15: Richard Kerrigan Speaks On Finding A Sustainable Path to Nutrition and Exercise

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The complex interplay between nutrition and the mind is the subject of intense research and, as you’d expect, a growing body of scientific peer-reviewed evidence supports a relationship between diet quality and mental health. The same can be said for a positive association between exercise and cognitive function. If only a foodie, experienced in the world of physical fitness, and who has been exposed to the effects of poor mental health, could put it all into context and apply it practically to our lives. Enter Richard Kerrigan.

Former Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle butler turned personal trainer with a decade of experience, Richard uses his love of food, nutrition and fitness to help everyday people find a sustainable path to living well. After the unexpected and tragic passing of his father due to alcoholism, Richard has made it his life’s mission to encourage people to live happier and healthier lives through making sustainable choices with food, nutrition and exercise. 

In this episode, Richard shares his insights into the importance of prioritising our health and how bringing it back to the basics of nutrition, sleep and water will get you good results every time.  He also talks through the same strategies that he provides to his clients, and shares tips that anyone can implement in their life for the purposes of physical and mental strength. 

At LIVIN we are always talking about the importance of community in order to keep a healthy mind and it is no different in the case of maintaining a healthy body.  Richard advocates the need for keeping a community of people around you to encourage and inspire you to reach your goals and live a healthy and happy life.


[2:57]: Thanks to Richard for supporting LIVIN and how he first came to be involved

[4:40]: Richard’s early experience as a chef and the toll that the stress and long hours took on his body

[6:24]: How Richard decided to combine food and training to start educating people to take care of their bodies

[7:28]: How changing our mindset is the first thing that needs to happen in order to be healthy

[10:20]: Building healthy habits by taking it slow and doing things you naturally love instead of looking for a quick fix

[12:50]: Look at the food you eat each day and work out if you can incorporate more healthy habits into each day

[14:00]: It comes down to prioritising your health and finding a community of people you are accountable to

[17:03]: It comes back to the basics of looking after nutrition, moving your body more, getting enough sleep and drinking enough water

[18:15]: How to find a balance so that we can still enjoy the food we love and not feel guilty about it

[20:05]: J.E.R.F. Just Eat Real Food and you can’t go wrong.  You need to find an eating plan that works for you because we’re all different

[23:21]: How Richard discovered his love for cooking at a very early age and how it brings people together

[26:07]: Sometimes having a little health scare is a good thing because it’s a wakeup call to make sure we take care of our bodies

[27:31]: Richard shares about his dad and how he spiralled into alcoholism which eventually lead to his passing

[31:11]: How everything changed the moment he heard about his father dying and why Richard is now so passionate about helping people 

[34:30]: Richard shares about the first time he saw Sam speaking at a LIVIN event and how talking to someone is the most important thing we can do 

[37:00]: How too much information can be overwhelming and that ultimately the responsibility is with us

[39:27]: How important it is to have quality time with good friends who keep you accountable and checking in with those people to make sure they’re ok

[40:57]: Richard’s experience working in Buckingham Palace and being involved in Prince Charles and Camilla’s wedding

[46:36]: How delivering a high end service taught Richard a lot about working with people and the importance of treating everybody the same

[47:36]: Richard’s latest cook book which focuses on time management and making food tasty and enjoyable

[49:05]: The power of social media and how Richard is all about people giving back to people who are reaching out

[50:35]: Sam’s number 1 thing to become a better person 


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