Episode #26: Luke Shuey Speaks On Handling the Wins & the Losses in AFL

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Our guest today grew up dreaming of playing footy in front of thousands, and now he is the Captain of the West Coast Eagles. With hundreds of games behind him, numerous awards and accolades, Luke still carries the optimistic attitude he had as a kid and he joins us today to talk all things footy, mental health and life perspective.

In this episode, Luke shares his approach to game preparation and how he has taken his new role as captain in his stride. Surrounded by supportive teammates, Luke shares how he is so fortunate to be part of a community of genuine friends who share their lives with each other.

With so much pressure on players to perform and cope under the public eye, it’s no wonder that many players end up struggling with mental health issues.  Luke discusses the importance of making sure his teammates are coping well and providing a safe space for each other to speak up when they are struggling.

Luke also shares his advice to young players who aren’t reaching the success they hoped for and tells some inspiring stories of footballers who entered the game as mature aged players, encouraging others not to give up.  This episode will encourage you, inspire you and help bring some perspective on what life is all about.

As Luke discusses his mindful approach to game day, he reflects on fatherhood and how having a child has changed everything for him in a positive way.  With someone else to think about, things that used to worry him are no longer a concern and he shares how his perspective has completely changed since becoming a dad.

Gratitude is a constant thread in Luke’s life and his positivity toward the hard times makes it obvious why he has achieved such great success.  Luke talks about how he has pushed through some of the tough times by remaining optimistic for the future and how his positive attitude and preparation pulls him through.


[3:35]: Luke’s transition from Vice Captain to Captain and the responsibilities involved

[5:30]: How taking on captaincy at a young age can be detrimental so Luke taking on the role at 30 is a blessing

[7:00]: The importance of speaking up about anything and asking for help when you need it

[8:30]: The genuine community that Luke has with his football team and his gratitude for having so many supportive people around him

[10:07]: How players manage their mental health and how his team has a professional psychologist on board if people need to talk

[11:25]: Luke shares his experience losing a game in the 2015 premiership and how he maintained optimism 

[14:00]: How Luke prepares for Grand Final day and how mindfulness preparation is important

[15:45]: How being a dad has changed everything and how it has been great for his football mindset

[17:00]: How health and happiness is the most important thing in life and how having a child has put this into perspective

[17:50]: Luke shares his preparation strategies for a game and how he takes a weekly approach instead of being worried about small details

[20:10]: How the novelty of the captaincy position has worn off and Luke can just focus on what needs to be done and not be under pressure 

[22:00]: The importance of gratitude 

[24:30]: How Luke’s sister was killed in an accident in 2009 and how that has impacted his family

[26:40]: How life is all about you until you have a child

[28:00]: Luke’s early days as a young footballer and the great support his parents gave him

[30:40]: How Luke is a lover of all sports and how he looks up to a lot of different people

[32:40]: How test cricket would be fun but Luke would miss his family too much being away so long

[34:30]: How travelling becomes part of the routine and it’s an enjoyable experience

[37:30]: Luke shares some of the down moments and how his positive attitude gets him through

[41:00]: The pressures that come with the game and how mental health is the biggest issue for the players

[43:20]: How a lot of the time the signs of mental health struggles aren’t obvious

[45:45]: Luke’s advice to young players who are struggling to succeed

[47:00]: Mature aged players who have thrived and are examples of why people shouldn’t give up

[51:00]: Looking ahead to the remaining years of his contract

[52:35]: How everyone needs a safe place


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