Episode #29: Anna Wood Speaks On Aligning Your Head With Your Heart

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I am honoured to introduce you to our special guest today, Anna Wood, a transformational life coach, intuitive channeler and spiritual teacher.  


Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Anna always knew that she has extra sensory abilities that others didn’t seem to have.  From early on, she learned to shut them down and focus on what she was taught would bring “success.”  As a high achiever with an MBA from Stanford, Anna built a successful career, including 4 years at Google in digital content, marketing and sales. 

Engaged to be married to the love of her life, Anna had everything that she thought would make her happy but shutting down her spiritual self manifested as crippling OCD, anxiety and depression.  In this episode Anna shares her journey from the world of academia into a life aligned with her higher self and how she has never looked back.

We talk all things spirituality, how to get in touch with your heart over your head and listen to your intuition so that you can live the life that you want.  Anna shares with incredible articulation and clarity and will inspire you to dig deeper into yourself and align with your true self, despite what others might think.

Anna shares from her journey of coming out of the closet spiritually and how embracing her true self unlocked a happiness and fulfilment that she had never experienced before.  She shares some practical tips on how to become more intune with your inner compass, including the power of nature, breathwork and body movement.  Sharing about the power of living in responding mode as opposed to reaction mode, Anna beams with energy and life that truly inspires.

We are all put on this earth with unique gifts and abilities.  Anna shares that if we don’t walk in our aligned power, we are robbing the universe of what we could bring. Tune in and get ready to be inspired.  This could be the start of a magical journey.


[4:38]: Anna’s journey from an academic in Silicon Valley to becoming a transformational coach

[7:39]: How we’re programmed to believe that certain things equal success but they don’t necessarily make you happy

[8:50]: How shutting down her spiritual self manifested in Anna’s life as crippling OCD, anxiety and depression

[9:20]: How looking within herself was far more profound than anything else and it was a catalyst for huge change

[11:04]: Anna shares 2 pivotal decision points in her life

[13:40]: When Anna received clear spiritual guidance to not get married and how it was the hardest thing she’d ever done

[15:15]: How the decision to call off her wedding reactivated her physic gifts and brought her into a place of freedom

[17:30]: Your relationship with yourself is the number one thing

[18:55]: The path to ascension is becoming who you really are. The more you trust that voice, the more you align with your higher self.

[19:33]: All happiness is within.  If you are looking outside yourself for answers, you are not empowered.

[24:00]: How tuning into your inner compass is a practise and we must ask ourselves “is this true for me?” by listening to our heart

[25:23]: Anna talks through the 7 chakras and the intuition that resides in our hearts

[27:27]: How our heart speaks to us and that it is always consistent and persistent, as opposed to the brain which changes rapidly

[29:10]: Figure out the practises that work for you to help quiet your mind in order to hear your heart

[30:18]: Being in nature is one of the most powerful things we can do to start tuning into our hearts

[32:00]: How we can unlock parts of our DNA that are hidden in our bodies by utilising the power of breathwork and body movement

[33:20]: How Anna’s old friends see her as the “weird spiritual one” but often come to her for advice whereas others have drifted out of her life

[35:00]: How lockdown has been an opportunity to reassess their lives, look inward and start their spiritual journeys

[36:20]: How we often overweigh the short term pain of making decisions toward things that will long term make us happy

[39:00]: The power of living in responding mode as opposed to reaction mode

[40:20]: How we are all put on the earth with unique gifts that the universe needs.  Don’t rob the world of your gifts


Anna’s website: https://iamannawood.com/anna-wood/

Anna’s Instagram: @iamannawood

Anna’s YouTube channel: I Am Anna Wood

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