How your EOFY donations help LIVIN

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It's that time of year when most of us start looking at the looming date of June 30th as a call to action to start getting our finances in order for the tax man. 

It's also the time of year where you will be hearing the term 'Tax Appeal' a lot more as many Not For Profit organisations remind the public of the difference their charitable donations can make. 

This is particularly relevant to LIVIN and the work we do in the mental health space with our mental health education and stigma reduction program, LIVINWell

Through the generous support we receive through donors, fundraisers, partners, community initiatives and campaigns, we are able to deliver our LIVINWell Schools Program to high schools across the country at no cost to the school or the students.  

At LIVIN we have noticed in the second half of the year (Semester 2 for high school students), the demand for mental health awareness and education does increase and so too does the demand on our resources to deliver our LIVINWell Schools program. 

The cost to the organisation to deliver our LIVINWell Schools Program equates to $19.92 per school age student helping them to change their perception of mental health and start their own conversations with new tips and tools. 

This makes the donations we receive through our mid-year tax appeal even more vital for our organisation to ensure we remain in the strong position that we are to continue delivering our program to those who need to hear it the most. 

As the statistics on youth mental illness and suicide continue to reflect that the numbers in cases are increasing, the work that we do in schools with our LIVINWell Schools Program to help our young people be more proactive with their self-care is more important than ever. 

The support we receive from our annual Tax Appeal assists in continuing to build the momentum of engaging high schools, training facilitators and providing resources for those who reach out to us in the second half of the year for our LIVINWell Schools Program. 

We appreciate any gesture no matter how big or small and thank you for your ongoing support of LIVIN and helping us to break the stigma surrounding mental health.