21 Reasons Why We Love Our Supporters

Posted by Chris Hogan on

A few months ago we received an email through our website that made us stop in admiration about how bloody awesome our LIVIN supporters are: "I'm contacting you on behalf of a large group of mates who have come together to raise some money for 'Livin' in a rather unique way in hope of gaining some fundraising tips/ assistance.  We are a group of 21 students and young adults who decided that this year (Our year of 21st's) we would make an effort to give back to the community and raise some money for a good cause. We discovered 'Livin', and identified with the charity for a number of reasons but most importantly due to the ties many of our members have with young people struggling with mental health issues. Thus, as students and young adults, we make up part of the demographic that 'Livin' supports, so we decided it would be a positive symbol of our appreciation to raise money and awareness for those of us suffering and to assure them #itaintweaktospeak.
The best way that we thought we could do that was to get a group of 21 of us 21 year old's to run 21km in the Brisbane marathon festival in an attempt to raise $21,000 for 'Livin'.  We just like to call it the 21 Club for obvious reasons. " wrote Josh Dickens from Brisbane.
  Fast track through to now and we have been in awe about how hard these 21 mates have been working together to raise awareness for not just LIVIN, but for mental health in general. The '21 Club' perfectly symbolises what we at LIVIN are about . . .  a community coming together, working hard and doing their best in encouraging others to speak up about mental health. If you would like to follow the guys through their training and events in the lead up to the marathon on the 5th of August, check out their @21ClubRun Instagram Page and show them some LIVIN love. Best of luck fellas and thank you so much for your support. #ItAintWeakToSpeak Interested in organising your own LIVIN event? Check out our Fundraisers Page for more details, or contact us at LIVIN HQ.