Melbourne Storm announce LIVIN Partnership

Posted by Chris Hogan on

It is with great pride that LIVIN can announce our partnership with the mighty Melbourne Storm as we join forces to break the stigma surrounding mental health. Last month our LIVIN co-founders Casey Lyons and Sam Webb along with our LIVIN psychologist Luke Foster, met with and presented our LIVINWell Program to the Melbourne Storm players and management as part of the official launch of formalising our relationship into an official partnership with the team. LIVIN has had a long-standing connection with the Melbourne Storm who have always been at the forefront when it comes to prioritising their players mental health as an important aspect of their overall self-care.  With the demands and expectations placed on sporting personalities from outside influences such as general and social media, many sporting teams are recognising how necessary it is to be proactive in the mental well-being of their players and providing them with adequate support and coping tools. The LIVINWell program that was delivered to the players was well received and created a lot of conversations both immediately after the presentation and in the weeks following, reinforcing how productive a 45-minute program can be if it addresses the issues properly and is relatable to the participants. We praise the management team and the players of the Melbourne Storm for being proactive in the mental health of their players and team mates and we look forward to seeing this partnership grow over the coming year. For more on our visit to the Melbourne Storm and to check out the video about the Storm's LIVINWell presentation, click here.