Breaking the Stigma as we Hit The Hill!

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Each year in August, Castle Hill in Townsville Queensland is alive with activity, community and conversation as locals participate in the annual Hit The Hill event supported by Hit103.1 Townsville

The event lasts for 24 hours with participants encouraged to walk for the entire duration of the event to raise awareness for mental health and break the stigma surrounding mental illness. 

LIVIN has been a part of the event for years and our team is only getting bigger as the support for not only our charity, but mental health awareness in general, continues to grow and become an important conversation in the Townsville community. 

"Townsville and North Queensland as a whole, has always had an incredibly vocal supporter base when it comes to LIVIN." Said Co-founder Casey Lyons who actually slept up on the Hill for the entire night in between walks. "We have a strong connection to Townsville and our organisation will always be loyal to the Hit the Hill event and the message that it is promoting with mental health awareness and suicide prevention."

Our supporter base in Townsville is now turning into a mental health activation base with the recent addition of five new LIVIN facilitators based in Townsville and the surrounding region. 

If you are interested in keeping the momentum of Hit The Hill going with one of our LIVINWell Schools or LIVINWell Workplaces mental health educational programs, contact our head office today and be a part of making this conversation of mental health one that continues until Hit The Hill 2020!

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