Community Connection

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Community connection is going to look a little bit different these days with social distancing and self-isolation being the key activities that people are being requested to engage in. 

We all need to be sensible and listen to the information being given to us from those who have the accurate information and understanding of the situation. 

In the days, weeks and potentially months ahead, community and social connection is going to be an important element in people getting through this uncertain time ahead, we need to keep talking to each other and connecting with each other, even if it's on a smaller or more strategized platform.

Last week our LIVIN office had the extremely generous offer from Aussie Mortgage Broker, Pia Singer and the team at Aussie Home Loans, with their donation of a free coffee van to charity and visiting LIVIN HQ and providing free coffee for our team - which we then in turn extended an invitation to our neighbours. 

"I love giving back to community as I believe giving is so important in these difficult times." Said Pia.  "I chose to donate the van to LIVIN as I have close friends who struggle and have mental health issues. I am taken by the power that savouring a simple cup of coffee can have to connect people and create community."

This seemingly small gesture paid it forward ten folds with our team getting the rare opportunity to actually 'meet' all of those that worked in the businesses and offices in our area.

Everyone that dropped by for a coffee all commented on the same things; What a lovely gesture!; How nice it was to actually meet the other people that worked around us; How we are all so busy that we drive in and out of our work and don't stop to say Hello to others that work near us; What a difference it made to the day to start of with a coffee and connecting with people first thing in the morning. 

It was a true testament on the power of community connection, especially with those that are 'around' us every day including those that work by themselves or with small teams.  

After our lovely morning coffee break at LIVIN HQ, the Aussie Home Loans team headed off to share the love to one of our incredible partners, Von Bibra at their Southport dealership. 

"The coffee van visit certainly worked a treat – and that simple gesture of a coffee (van) was a very welcome boost around the dealership team, including guests, visiting family members and the like – a coffee get together always instigates/creates that casual conversation which is an added bonus with what we are all contending with at the moment." Said General Manager of Von Bibra Southport, Max Johnson.  "In closing, I might add that Pia’s (and my) juggling skills are very ordinary (haha) but again, it created a laugh or two!"

Whilst the opportunities for physically interacting with community is being restricted over the next few months, we must remember that there is still opportunity to interact in smaller and more intimate gatherings and make those gatherings count and really connect with one another - at a reasonable distance :) 

Look after yourselves and each other and remember, 'community connection' is possible, we just have to get a bit more creative.