LIVINWELL ONLINE . . . it's coming!

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Over the past twelve months at LIVIN, we have seen a big shift with schools, workplaces, community groups and organisations, recognising the importance of mental health education and breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness.

This has been evident through the growing number of bookings coming through for our LIVINWell mental health educational Program in which our LIVIN facilitators personally deliver the program to venues and groups around the country.

With the recent restrictions on social distancing and the allowed amount individuals able to be in one area, our existing and personalised format of our LIVINWell Program could no longer be implemented.  

"Our world was turned upside down overnight where could no longer provide what we love doing and that is providing mental health education to each and every one of you." Said LIVIN CEO, Casey Lyons. "However, we have been provided with a wonderful opportunity from the incredible team at DreamWeavers who is working with us to get a suitable platform initiated to enable us to deliver our LIVINWell Program online."

Casey along with LIVIN Psychologist Luke Foster, met with the team at DreamWeavers last week to discuss (at a safe distance) the options available for the organisation to ensure despite the restrictions of not being able to 'physically' present, we can still 'virtually' present and deliver our message. 

"We have been working hard at LIVIN to deliver a digital offering that you can watch and engage in at home, or working remotely and receiving mental health information that will not only help you during these ambiguous times, but help the people around you." Said Luke. 

The LIVINWell Program is a 45-minute mental health educational program building on LIVIN's mantra that 'It Ain't Weak to Speak' and delivered by our experienced LIVIN facilitators.

Through the recent support we have received from DreamWeavers and the resources available through various online platforms, we are excited about the albeit-forced opportunity to bring our program forward to evolve and adapt and we can't wait to share an invitation to you to get involved when our LIVINWell Online is launched.

For more information on our LIVINWell Program, Click Here for our About LIVINWell video showcasing the message and the content that is delivered. 

If you are interested in receiving more information about LIVINWell Online when it available, please don't hesitate to contact our head office and we gladly keep you in the loop! 


LIVIN and DreamWeavers - the Ultimate Dream Team!