CQ University and LIVIN Strong Program

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It’s been a busy 6 months behind the scenes of our pilot program LIVIN Strong and finally the results are in!

Last year with the support of Kirwin State High School, North Queensland Toyota Cowboys and the incredible team at Central Queensland University the LIVIN Strong 8-week program was implemented in a Townsville High School with students participating and results being monitored by CQ University.

Earlier this month the team at CQ University was rewarded for their efforts in participating in a mental health evaluation project for our LIVIN Strong program by receiving the prestigious Social Innovation Opal (Student) Award for Excellence in Engagement. Under the guidance of Senior Lecturer Dr. Amanda Rebar, Psychological Science Students Kristie-Lee Alfrey, Jamie Neal and Kate Cope worked together with our own Sam Webb to analyze and evaluate the LIVIN Strong program in action and provide a comprehensive report of strengths and areas to be improved.

Our aim is to ensure the LIVIN Strong program is the best it can be and be packaged and delivered to students in a way that will make the biggest difference possible.  By using the resources and drawing on the expertise of institutions such as Central Queensland University, we are solidifying our commitment to being pro-active in breaking the stigma that surrounds students from discussing mental health.

We thank everyone who has contributed to the LIVIN Strong program so far, we could not have come this far without you.

PHOTO CRED: www.cqu.edu.au