Griffith Film School premieres LIVINWell Program

Posted by Top Livin on

LIVIN recently got a behind the scenes introduction to movie magic through the organisations invitation from the Griffth Film School to be involved in the 'Industry Engagement' initiative through the LiveLab platform. 

The production has been months in the making with location shoots, scheduling, interviews and lots of editing to arrive at the finished product.  The process itself which the twelve Griffith film students involved were being assessed on throughout, gave our organisation a new appreciation on how much work is involved in managing a film production.  

Now after all of the hard work from the Griffith Film team, we are excited to share our newest visual asset 'About the LIVINWell Program'  which was produced from a brief from our charity to showcase our LIVINWell Program.

We would like to thank the incredible team from the Griffith Film School that we were fortunate enough to work with . . .  in addition to their supervisors . . . who so generously invited our charity into their initiative with the aim to help spread awareness and create content that can assist our LIVINWell Program and our overall message that It Ain't Weak to Speak. 

CLICK HERE to view 'About the LIVINWell Program' and contact us today if this inspires you to take the proactive step in having a LIVINWell Program delivered to your Workplace, School or community group.