How can I get a LIVINWell Mental Health Program to my school or workplace this year?

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The beginning of any year usually starts with a list of good intentions both for ourselves and others close to us and this year, we encourage everyone to put this intention on your list:  Have a LIVINWell Program delivered. 

So what is the LIVINWell Program? 

The LIVINWell Program is our mental health education and stigma reduction program which is 45 minutes long and is delivered in person by one of our experienced LIVIN facilitators. The program includes information on warning signs and symptoms of mental health challenges, practical strategies for coping and stress management in addition to information which ultimately encourages help seeking for the individual or those around us. 

How do I book a LIVINWell Program? 

Our LIVINWell Program is delivered to schools, workplaces and community groups all around the country and we work closely with all recipients to ensure the Program is delivered by the most suitable facilitator and accommodates any specific requirements such as location, demographic, circumstances, etc. 

If you are interested in getting more information about the LIVINWell Program or booking a program, flick our team an email and we'll get the wheels in motion. 

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 We look forward to seeing you and being a part of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health in your community. 


Our Community LIVINWell Program was delivered to the incredible team at the Cage Youth Foundation by our awesome facilitator Al.