Stepping Up for Mental Health in the SkyPoint Stair Challenge

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Towering above the Gold Coast beaches with a total of 77 floors and 1,331 stairs, SkyPoint at the top of the iconic Q1 building in Surfers Paradise will be playing host to a stair climb in 2021 like no other, a stair climb to raise awareness for mental health and in support of LIVIN. 

"It is awesome to have these large-scale community events happening again and giving the community a chance to come together and get involved in something positive." Said LIVIN CEO, Casey Lyons. 

This year LIVIN was named the SkyPoint Sea to Sky Stair Challenge charity partner with all funds raised going directly to the charity and helping them to continue to break the stigma surrounding mental health. 

"Providing LIVIN with the platform to share this message and encourage young people to talk about their feelings and challenges they have faced, or continue to face, is incredibly important." Said Paul Callander, from Ardent Leisure Theme Parks and Attractions, which Q1 Skypoint is a part of.  "There is no doubt that there has been a considerable impact as a result of COVID-19 on mental health within the community, which is why we are especially grateful to be able to welcome back the climbers this year with an opportunity to give back."     

One of those climbers is the national Champion Stair Climber, Mark Bourne who has participated in stair challenges around the world such as the Empire State Building Run Up (winner in 2013), the Eiffel Tower, Taipei 101, Shanghai Tower, the Hong Kong International Commerce Centre and the Melbourne's Eureka Tower Stair Climb which he won seven times. 

"I got into tower running about ten years ago and love the challenge of running up new buildings and trying to better my times." Said Mark. "Stair Challenges attract a great group of people, each doing the event for their own reasons.   As well as the challenge of getting to the top, you also get the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for valuable causes such as LIVIN at the Q1 Stair Challenge."  

The 2020 SkyPoint Sea to Sky Q1 Stair Challenge was one of the many events that were forced to cancel last year due to the pandemic and there have been extra measures put in place for the 2021 event to ensure the day is safe as well as fun. 

With the combination of people's eagerness to get involved in events as well as the message of mental health awareness, it looks like this year's event will be the best one yet! 

"Our goal on the day is as a team, to soak up the awesome atmosphere and have fun." Said Ben Peasley from Choice Homes who are also the major sponsors of the Gold Coast event.  "Choice has been a supporter of the Stair Challenge from the second event onwards. I had entered the event in it's first year with a good friend and absolutely loved the challenge and the vibe so it just made sense to get Choice Homes behind it.  We are looking forward to this year in particular with the climb intertwined with LIVIN's involvement and the mental health awareness that this charity partnership will generate." 

The funds raised through donations from the Q1 Stair Challenge will be contributing towards LIVIN's mental health education and stigma reduction program, LIVINWell which is delivered to high schools, workplaces and community groups around the country. 

"We would not be able to do the work we do without the incredible support and opportunities such as the one offered to LIVIN through being a charity partner for this great event." Said Casey.  "We genuinely appreciate everyone that is getting involved with the Stair Challenge whether it be climbing the stairs, donating, volunteering or working behind the scenes in some way to make it happen.  We are excited to be a part of it and looking forward to seeing everyone on the 77th floor!" 

Keen to get amongst it? Click here to sign up to climb the SkyPoint Seat to Sky Stair Challenge.

Ready for the Challenge? 

Ben Peasley (Choice Homes), Paul Callander (Ardent Leisure Theme Parks and Attractions), Casey Lyons (LIVIN), Mark Bourne (current Stair Challenge record holder) and Campbell Hall (LIVIN) catching up at Skypoint before the big day!