LIVIN in Paradise

Posted by Chris Hogan on

Every year, Townsville based Paradise Outdoor Advertising release an invitation for organisations to pitch for the opportunity of being awarded a Platinum Partnership which involves a billboard campaign worth $100,000. It is with great excitement and appreciation that we are proud to announce that the 2018 recipient of this incredible partnership was the LIVIN organisation. "Our organisation is ecstatic about our new partnership with POA and appreciate this opportunity in being able to share our message, which we are hoping will directly benefit the Townsville community and surrounding regions. Together, we are looking forward to creating a positive impact and continuing to break the stigma surrounding mental health." Said Sam Webb and Casey Lyons, co-founders of LIVIN. The partnership will assist our organisation in creating a campaign of awareness  throughout the next twelve months and will be rotated across any of the 1,300 billboards that POA coordinate across regional Queensland. CEO of Paradise Outdoor Advertising, Mitch James commented how passionate his team were with an overwhelming majority supporting the LIVIN Organisation as a worthy recipient of their annual partnership. “This is our annual staff-driven community charity project, it is as a way that we can give back to our community” said Mitch. “Every year the staff put forward a charity they are passionate about, to date we have donated more than $800,000 to local charities and we will continue to do so”. We sincerely thank the team at Paradise Outdoor Advertising for their support and enthusiasm in their hands-on approach in breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.  We look forward to being a part of the opportunity to spread the LIVIN message across regional Queensland and being involved with such a proactive team like Paradise Outdoor Advertising. Stay tuned for the big launch! #ItAintWeakToSpeak