LIVIN announces partnership with Von Bibra Auto Village

Posted by Top Livin on

The strength of our organisation comes from the strength of our supporters, sponsors and partners and we could not be prouder to announce LIVIN’s most recent 12-month partnership with the incredible team at Von Bibra Auto Village.

A lot of our work at LIVIN involves travel and what better way to travel than in a brand new Cargo LDV 80 finished off with some impressive LIVIN signwriting. Having a reliable and comfortable vehicle is going to give our team the freedom to arrive at speaking venues, events and schools in style with enough room to store any stock or materials.

In addition to looking pretty schmick, having the LDV professionally signed with our LIVIN brand is helping spread our message that It Ain't Weak to Speak and reaching more people both on the road and in person to help us reduce the stigma that still surrounds mental health and mental illness.

Having the support of a professional and experienced team like Von Bibra Auto Village, helps us at LIVIN to deliver our message and continue with our cause to give people an outlet to speak up when they are feeling down. From the bottom of our hearts we thank Von Bibra Auto Village and ask all of our Gold Coast LIVIN supporters to consider this amazing dealership when shopping for their next vehicle.

Don’t forget to give us a beep and wave when you see us cruising around town!