Taking LIVIN to Uluru

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Visiting Uluru was on the top of Kelly Malloy’s list as places to see on her 10-month trip around Australia with her family - and she's taken LIVIN with her for the ride. With LIVIN stickers slapped on their FJ Cruiser and seeing the country in our LIVIN hats and tees, the message that It Ain't Weak to Speak is sparking up conversations everywhere they go.

"It really is incredible how the conversation opens up when people see the LIVIN logo." Said Kelly who also happens to be one of LIVIN’s resident copywriters. "People in campgrounds will ask about what the brand means, or someone will start chatting to me because they've already heard of LIVIN, been to an event or know someone close to them that has been affected by mental illness. It’s amazing how far the message has reached and how effective it is in getting people to start talking."

Our aim at LIVIN is to achieve exactly that; encouraging people who may be suffering from a mental illness to start conversations and speak up. A simple act like wearing one of our hats to a footy game or a LIVIN shirt to a BBQ might be the turning point for someone you may never even speak to. Seeing our message and knowing that there is support for people speaking up, is a small but significant way to help someone help themselves. If you are interested in sharing our LIVIN message, check out our online LIVIN shop and help us continue to make it okay for people to speak up and help remove the stigma surrounding mental illness.