LIVINWell at Caltex

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It says a lot about a company when they not only understand how important the mental well-being of their staff is, but they actually do something about it.

Across the months of January and February our LIVINWell facilitator, David Neagle, facilitated five separate workshops at Caltex Manufacturing in Fort Lytton, Queensland.

The LIVINWell program was delivered to small groups of Caltex employees and management and was deliberately stretched out across different dates to ensure every employee was able to attend.

The benefits to the company as a whole through their acknowledgement of the importance of understanding mental health and illness was seen after the conclusion of each session when the floor was opened up for discussion. "It's incredible the conversations that a one hour program can evoke." Said David. "It gives us the reassurance that our message is reaching people and the tools that we discuss in our LIVINWell program are making a difference."

We applaud any business, sports club, school or event who is a part of this bigger movement towards breaking down the stigma that surrounds mental health and embracing education about mental illness.

If you would like more information about our LIVINWell Workplaces program  contact our head office today.