LIVINWell Schools is back in a classroom near you!

Posted by Top Livin on

It was a special day for LIVIN and mental health education when after nearly four months of high schools around Australia being in 'lockdown' from external organisations and even their own students, our LIVINWell Program was finally back in the classroom being physically delivered to high school students. 

"It has certainly been a very challenging time for the LIVIN Organisation and like many other charities, we had to evolve." Said LIVIN CEO Casey Lyons. "Our biggest priority was always to keep mental health awareness, self-care and support options in the forefront of conversations through whatever means possible."  

With the LIVINWell mental health education and stigma reduction program having always been delivered 'face-to-face' to community groups, workplaces and high schools around the country, there was a lot of work behind the scenes in the development and release of the LIVINWell Online Program which enabled the program to still be delivered through an online platform for workplaces. 

However, last week the entire LIVIN team celebrated as our first LIVINWell Schools Program was delivered by one of our incredible facilitators directly to the students themselves on site at the school. LIVIN facilitator Damon Millard delivered six LIVINWell Programs to Bundaberg State High School and he could not have been happier. 

"As a team of facilitators, we are incredibly passionate about being active in the mental health educational space." Said Damon. "To be back in front of students in their own schools and filling up their kitbag with practical education about how to help themselves and others, is absolutely amazing and why we do what we do." 

2020 is going to be a very confusing and challenging year for students of all ages and it is reassuring that we now have the ability to get back out there and do what we do best, spread awareness on mental health through education and conversation to those that need to hear it the most. 

If you are interested in having our LIVINWell Program delivered to your school or work place, contact our team today.