Walking a Gold Coast Marathon for Mental Health

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The first weekend of July 2020 was scheduled to have one of the biggest events on the Gold Coast calendar with 41st Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon.  It was also a big event for LIVIN with the organisation being announced as one of the official charity partners for the marathon. 

With COVID-19 restrictions causing the cancellation of the iconic event, LIVIN's Fundraising and Events Coordinator Kelly Malloy, jumped on board the Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon Virtual Marathon and signed up with a few friends under Team LIVIN to keep the momentum going.

"The Gold Coast Marathon is such a massive event for not just runners but for the Gold Coast economy in general and also charities with a large aspect of participation encouraging donations to charity organisations." Said Kelly. "LIVIN was so excited to be involved with the event in 2020 as an official charity partner so we wanted to do something to show our continued support for the marathon, so I decided to sign up and be a part of it!"

With a majority of the larger events for LIVIN being postponed if not cancelled it has been a challenging time for all charities and those that they are inadvertently trying to support. “While our donations and supporter events were declining over the months, the need for our resources were increasing with people reaching out and leaning on us more than ever before.” Said Kelly.  “Being the Fundraiser and Events Coordinator for the charity, I figured now was the right time to practice what I preach and initiate a fundraising initiative myself to not only support the organisation but to support those that support us every year by hosting their own fundraisers for LIVIN.”

Kelly along with our new LIVINWell Coordinator Rach Bellamy will be pounding the pavement with a small group of friends and supporters and walking the entire 42 kilometre length of what would have been the Gold Coast Marathon track as part of the Gold Coast Marathon Virtual Marathon and hoping to spread some awareness along the way.  “We’ll all be decked out in our LIVIN shirts and caps hoping to share the LIVIN message and enjoying some good meaningful conversations along the way.”

Click here to find out more about Kelly’s campaign and support the legends that are representing Team LIVIN in this event for mental health and our organisation. If you are participating in the virtual marathon, we would love to have you running 'with' Team LIVIN so sign up and join the movement


If you are interested in hosting your own fundraising initiative for LIVIN, click here for more details

Every gesture of support helps us to continue to do the work that we do.