LIVINWell at Warwick

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If the strength is in the community then the people of Warwick have it got it sorted! Last month our LIVIN facilitator David Neagle hosted a LIVINWell program for the Southern Downs Football Academy and Warwick Community.

The event was organised by local couple Todd and Lisa Brown with help from local sponsors Choice Flooring, Coachman’s Inn and the Southern Downs Football Academy. The success of this evening was the emphasis behind bringing the community together as one to support each other with participants of all ages and walks of life attending the evening.

Our LIVIN legend David engaged and educated those who attended with a hands on approach by encouraging discussion and a hands-on involvement through a Mental Health chart. Lisa Brown who instigated the LIVINWell program for the Warwick community praised the effectiveness and impact of the evening.

“Thank you once again for allowing us to be part of the LIVIN experience to help spread the word that “it aint weak to speak”.  I was brought to tears by the words that filled the Mental Health chart Dave displayed. A lot of those kids have mental health issues, and to see them stepping forward and taking part in this activity was a brave step for them.  Some of those same kids didn’t want to come because they thought people would know they had ‘something wrong’ with them which makes their participation even braver in my eyes.”

Our LIVINWell program is available for schools, corporations, sporting and community groups and we endevour to be there for anyone who reaches out. If you would like more information about our program, check out the LIVINWell details on our website.

The power of starting a conversation about mental health can be the start of a new way of thinking for so many. #ItAintWeakToSpeak