Making a Flippin' Change for Mental Health

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There has been a lot of change in the way our supporters have been banding together - while staying apart - to support mental health awareness and the LIVIN organisation, but this past month we have been overwhelmed with the amount of incredible individuals and groups that have put their hand up to support the work we do.  We would like to take a moment to introduce you to a few of the different sorts of initiatives and some of the incredible people behind them that have helped to make a difference . . . . . 

Curtis and Ben Young - NSW 

The two cousins from Lithgow NSW endured a gruelling 75 hours with their '5-5-75 Challenge' running 5 miles (8 kilometres) every five hours for 75 hours straight.  

"Lithgow is a town of men and women who have been pushed back into a closet to keep quiet about their own mental state as it's not 'tough' or they are seen as 'weak.' Said Curtis in a recent interview in the Lithgow Mercury. "We did this run to try and push that thought away.  We want people to feel like they can openly talk about it, just like they would any disease." 

At the completion of their incredible 5-5-75 challenge they raised over $12,000 for the LIVIN organisation which above all was a show on how important mental health awareness is to their community and we are grateful for all of the conversations that would have been started because of this. 


Archer Brewing - QLD

Stuart Martin from Archer Brewing in Brisbane came up with the concept of reaching out to the local IBA (Independent Brewers Association) breweries in Brisbane to create a 'charity brew' for a mental health organisation from a very unlikely source. 

"I had the idea of a charity brew after finding out my 11-year-old niece was shaving her head to raise funds for COVID charities in the UK.  I was blown away by how selfless she was and thought we should all make an effort to help those around us and the idea was born." Said Stuart. "Having gone through my own mental health struggles and doing some research on the work LIVIN does, the charity seemed like a perfect fit that would connect with our close IBA community who were all extremely willing to come on board and support this initiative." 

The IBA Charity Brew was a collaborative effort of local suppliers all donating their products in addition to the support of over 20 IBA breweries who sold the charity brew through their retail outlets throughout Brisbane.  This all resulted in the absolutely incredible donation amount of over $27,000 for the LIVIN Organisation. 

Eleanor Fordyce - NT 

This incredible human created a fundraiser through her pledge to hike the challenging 250 kilometre Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory, solo.

"While the hike will be tough, struggling with mental health alone is much harder and is something over half of Australian's with mental health do!" Said Eleanor. "I am tired of losing loved ones because of the stigma surrounding mental health so hoping through raising funds for LIVIN I can make an impact, big or small, along the way." 

Although a rather serious injury to her ankle during the hike cut her Hitting the Hilltops for Mental Health Challenge short, Eleanor still raised an amazing amount and her determination and commitment to spreading awareness continues and we appreciate the conversations that would have been started in her community because of her incredible trek. 

KDV Sport - QLD 

Every year we are contacted by Ryan and the incredible team at the KDV Performance Tennis Centre at KDV Sport for their annual LIVIN Charity Cup where they invite the local community to grab some friends and come along for a game of tennis in support of mental health awareness.

"We have been hosting the LIVIN Charity Cup since 2017 as a way to bring our tennis community together and encourage the conversation of mental health." Said Ryan Kebblewhite. "Each year our friends, families, players and sponsors continue to grow as does their support for not only the LIVIN charity, but for each other as a community and that what makes this event so special." 

This year the KDV Sports LIVIN Charity Cup blew their previous amounts out of the water with an incredible $5000 achieved through the day and we can't wait to be back on centre court with them again next year! 

Sarah Thomas - NSW

Sarah Thomas came up with the unique and wonderful way to support not just one charity with her Chop and Chat initiative, but two! Sarah came up with a COVID safe idea to have her long locks chopped off with the support of a small group of friends and family to support mental health awareness through LIVIN in addition to another fantastic organisation that she would donate her hair to, Angel Wigs who creates wigs for cancer patients and others suffering from hair loss. 

"A friend of mine lost his battle with mental health last year and there was some mention of the LIVIN organisation which then just stuck in my head." Said Sarah. "I truly believe in the power of conversation and letting people into your dark places, even if people can't help or don't know what to do, it is always better to go through life together. Don't ever forget that you are the only you on this earth.  Savour your uniqueness and don't leave before the party is over, you never know who you might meet, what you might see or do tomorrow." 

Sarah's incredibly selfless initiative raised over $2,000 for the LIVIN Organisation and just as importantly some beautiful hair for someone who really needs it and we commend her on her amazing attitude and effort! 

Zachary Ryan - NSW 

How does flipping a 130 kilogram tyre for 6.5 kilometres around the Nepean River sound?  Well that's exactly what legend Zac Ryan is doing for LIVIN this weekend! 

"I rely heavily on exercise and training for manage my own mental health and this idea of 'Let's Make a Flippin Change' with the tyre came up when the talk of COVID-19 shutting down gyms started to eventuate." Said Zach. "I chose to support LIVIN through this because I feel it's an organisation that is helping to break the stigma surrounding mental health, particularly in young men. The year I left school, four young men my age and younger took their own lives. I wanted to do this to not only to honour those few people, but all people who have lost their battles or feel as though they're on a downward spiral. I want them to know it's never too late to reach out and someone is always willing to listen." 

Zachary will embarking on his mammoth tyre flipping challenge this weekend and we encourage everyone to jump on board his campaign and show him some LIVIN love! 



These are just some of the amazing things people are doing spreading awareness for mental health in their own communities. Every single gesture of support whether it be hosting your own initiative or supporting someone else's, is appreciated by not only the team at LIVIN but all those that directly benefit from these conversations and donations which enable us to continue to deliver our LIVINWell Program to schools and community groups around the country. 

We couldn't do what we do with out you.  Thank you. 


Interested in creating your own initiative or setting up your own event? Click Here to find out how you can get involved. 

Article By: Kelly Malloy