Mindful Apps

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There are so many opportunities and possibilities to incorporate the practice of being mindful into your everyday life, such as Mindful Eating and Mindful Living but there are also some fantastic online resources out there that specialize in this practice and it's important we make mention of them. 

Even though most of us associate being mindful with disconnecting from technology, if used properly, it does have a part to play in providing productive and meaningful tips in getting the most of out of being mindful.

It's as easy as installing an app, adjusting the volume and finding a quiet and relaxing place to listen.  

Spend some time doing some research on the different options and apps that are available, as different aspects will appeal and resonate with different people. 

One specific App recommended is the Smiling Minds App.  Complete 'An Intro to Mindfulness' which will only take a maximum of ten minutes and prepare yourself for a new insight to being mindful! 

Image: @Brooke.Blurton