Mindful Living

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Explore your senses in everything that you do!

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of being mindful is: 'the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one's thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis also : such a state of awareness.' 

Whilst it can take a bit of practice, it is possible to practice mindfulness in your every day activities through simply exploring and being aware of all of your senses - here's some day-to-day examples to start you off:

* Walking the dog - If you ever need an example on how to be mindful, walking your dog is a great way to start as you will not find another animal who is more aware, absorbed, grateful and mindful of it's surroundings than your four-legged friend when they get to go for a walk. Take notice of your neighbourhood.  Take your headphones out and listen to the noises around you. Take notice of any breeze that hits you. Take notice of any smells.  Take notice of your stride - is it short or long? Is your pace fast or relaxed? 

* Preparing a meal - This is when you can somewhat incorporate a few tips from our Mindful Eating where you take notice of the texture of the ingredients you are handling, the smells and how they change when you combine or cook the ingredients, the overall look and different colours of the food - maybe you can sneak in a taste test to practice some mindful eating!

* Getting Outdoors - Whilst it would be ideal if it was possible to just pack up and spend endless days amongst nature, with work responsibilities and routine, it is beneficial to also have a Plan B and use what is already around you.  Make an effort to get outdoors everyday whether it's at home or work. In your lunch break and spend that time really paying attention to the surroundings around you.  How many different noises can you hear? Traffic? People talking? Café sounds? Are you getting any breeze where you are sitting or is it sheltered? What does the seat underneath you feel like? 

* Brushing your teeth - Yes this is very specific but is also a good example on how just everyday activities can provide an opportunity to practice being mindful.  Brushing your teeth could involve noticing how you disperse the toothpaste onto your toothbrush; the smell of the toothpaste and is that the same to how it actually tastes; the feeling of the toothbrush bristles against your gums . . you can get us involved as little or much you like! It just takes being present in the moment.

Hopefully these few examples have given you some ideas and inspiration on how you can incorporate being mindful in activities throughout your days.  Being aware of your surroundings, your activity at hand and acknowledging your senses, will help you to not only quieten down all of the distractions, but may even help with your productivity and enjoyment in everything you do.

Interested in other opportunities to be mindful? Check out our Mindful Challenges and keep the momentum going! 


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