Talking Mental Health and supporting your charity with Mick Hase

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Mick Hase is a very busy man. Not only is he heavily involved in three businesses, an advocate for sustainability and a Dad, he is also one of our incredible LIVINWell Facilitators delivering our mental health educational program to schools, workplaces and community groups all across the country.  In case that wasn't enough, Mick has also signed up to do a fundraiser for the very charity he works for and has teamed up with one of his businesses to help support the message of LIVIN.  So when he popped into LIVIN HQ, we thought we'd have a quick chat about life, his role with LIVIN and his generous initiative . . . . . 

Tell us a bit about yourself? 

I’m a Dad, a hubby, a surfer and a mediocre boxer. I live out behind Tweed Heads in the hinterland, operating a couple of businesses from my home office. My boys are 7 and 5 and recently have just added a puppy Kelpie to the mix. 

Apart from being a LIVIN facilitator, my work revolves around three businesses; DICE Consulting, SEVENTEENx Events and Punish Natural Nutrition

I'm also a public speaker and consultant on all things culture, connection, purpose, leadership, people management and leading to creating business models and inspiring people that do good. 

Tell us about your role with LIVIN as a facilitator, how long you’ve been with LIVIN and how you became involved in with the charity? 

A little over twelve months ago, I noticed the LIVIN team were recruiting facilitators to deliver the LIVINWell program.  It seemed like an epic opportunity to continue my journey to join my professional life to purpose and impact. I remember seeing the ad on socials about thirty minutes before the cut off time, so I whipped up a video in my office with my phone balanced on a ladder and luckily I was selected to join the crew!

It’s been a really great experience. The training at the beginning right through to now has been awesome. The team at HQ are all genuinely engaged in the mission of the charity and are living and breathing the vision and passion that comes from the founders. 

For such a heavy topic and huge task the team have set themselves, it’s an amazing outcome they have produced to make a difference with such a positive attitude and work ethic backed up by a humble personality. The team are all great. 

What have been some of the highlights of your role as a LIVIN facilitator?

For me , it’s been just EPIC to be travelling the country (pre COVID of course!) and speaking to schools and workplaces, delivering the LIVINWell Program about the program and my adventures with mental health. On many occasions I’ve had kids, young adults approach me afterwards and share their journey and how our session has helped them immediately. There is a genuine and tangible outcome at each of the programs .. that every time we get to see even just one person from the crowd resonate with and provide comfort and hope and strength to reach out for help. It’s really .really cool.

As a LIVIN facilitator, why do you feel so many people connect with LIVIN’s message? 

For me it’s simple. People think they are alone in their struggles with Mental Health… LIVIN’s work shows that they aren’t. 

Tell us a bit about your fundraising initiative for LIVIN, through your Punish Natural Nutrition company and why you decided to host a fundraiser for the charity? 

My vision personally is to ensure that every business I operate works towards local and international impact simply by doing good business. With Punish Natural Nutrition, we work in some impact outcomes with food, however I wanted to provide something at a local level to connect with our community on a personal level. We know the positive statistics and impact that exercise and good nutrition can have with mental illness and as a business we have a huge fan base all connected to the fitness lifestyle.

By being able to promote what LIVIN does, I feel we can make a genuine impact with our community to remind people they are not alone if they are struggling and that Punish is there to help them via an introduction to LIVIN to hopefully further encourage the conversation around mental health to a different market and community.  

How important of a role do you feel that being physically healthy plays in maintaining your mental health? 

It’s HUGE. The science is there. The combo of exercise and healthy eating plays a massive part in combatting and overcoming mental illness. As I say as part of my story in the LIVIN Well program, our body is an engine, and we must fuel it properly and provide the right maintenance to keep it running properly.

There is a definitive symbiosis of our physical and mental health that scientific research has proven… and we all have experienced it. How good do you feel when you get out the door and exercise and spend time pushing yourself? Your endorphins start to flow and a positive mindset follows. Obviously it’s not the total solution, however it’s a fantastic start.

What advice would you give someone who is struggling with their own mental health?

Talk to someone…anyone. It all starts with a conversation to talk about what is on your mind and how it’s effecting you .. from there, you’ll have the courage to speak to a professional and get help the same way you would if you broke your arm.

It may seem scary at first.. but once you do it, you’ll realise you can do it! 

Click Here to check out Mick's Punish Natural Nutrition fundraising initiative. 

Campbell Hall (LIVIN Partnership and Relationships Manager) with his Punish Nutrition Powder from LIVIN facilitator, fundraiser and all round legend, Mick Hase.