What is World Mental Health Day?

Posted by Top Livin on

On the 10th of October (10/10), Mental Health Australia is encouraging all of us to talk, see, feel and openly discuss issues surrounding mental health. An initiative introduced by the World Federation for Mental Health, World Mental Health Day is about continuing to generate awareness on mental illnesses and removing the stigma which prevents so many people from seeking help.

LIVIN is actively promoting Mental Health Australia’s brilliant campaign, Do You See What I See? Which was designed to “challenge perceptions about mental illness” as described on their website.

On Tuesday the 10th of October, we encourage all our LIVIN supporters who are in the Sydney area to make an appearance and show their support for World Mental Health Day by being part of the ‘BondiEye’ at Bondi Beach where a giant eye will be made from all the participants attending.

In addition, many of the organisations who work towards improving communication about mental health, will be there on hand if anyone needs to talk to someone.

If you can’t make it Bondi, you can be a part of this movement by simply spreading the message that #ItAin’tWeakToSpeak and together we can all make a difference.