#50: CEO Series Part 4 with Batyr CEO Nic Brown

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In this episode I talk to Nic Brown from Batyr an Australian Mental Health charity dedicated to empowering young people to seek help for their mental health. Nic has spent most of his career in the non-profit sector, as well as government, working with young people. He’s been with Batyr since its early days, starting as a School Program Manager.

Nic started his work as CEO on the cusp of the Covid-19 Pandemic, which became a trial by fire. We dive into that experience, lessons he learnt, and how he was able to adjust under that pressure to ensure Batyr could continue its essential work. We also talk more broadly about his journey to becoming a CEO. He dives into the responsibilities of that role and how he sets his team up to do their best work. The importance of trusting your team, not micromanaging them, and creating an environment for them to thrive in.


[4.10] Nick gives an overview of his current mindset after the chaotic, difficult year that was 2020. 

[5.05] Nick talks about his biggest challenge as a CEO in 2020. 

[7.00] How Nick went about recovering after the struggles last year and entering 2021 with a positive mindset. Setting Priorities, discovering his strengths, and how this helped his team keep working in an unknown environment. 

[9.40] Batyr as a youth mental health organisation. Their work to smash the stigma around mental health and empower young people to seek help. 

[12.45] Nic talks about practicing what he preaches and being a good role model in his organization. 

[15.50] A detailed look into Nic’s role as Chief Executive Officer of Batyr, how he crafted a strong senior leadership team, and the day to day of his position. 

[18.25] What exactly a board of directors is and how the support the CEO and company.  

[19.40] Nic explains taking an idea for Batyr through the approval process and in front of the Board of Directors.  

[21.10] How Nic’s journey to becoming CEO started and tips he has for anyone with similar goals. 

[23.45] The importance of trusting your team, not micromanaging them, and creating an environment for them to thrive in. 

[27.20] What the future of Batyr might look like, their goals going forward and what has informed that. 

[32.30] Batyr’s work with Kinetica analysing the stories of young people and their finding surrounding the importance of an “anchor person”. 


Website: https://www.batyr.com.au/  

Phone: 0402 576 114

Thanks for listening to another episode of It Ain’t Weak to Speak with Sam Webb. Please rate the show and leave a review if you enjoyed it. 

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