#51: Courtney McCarty Speaks On Rediscovering Self after Motherhood

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I’m speaking today with Courtney McCarty, who is a mother, fitness fan, business woman, coach and spiritual seeker from the Gold Coast, Australia. I was really interested to unpack her journey through postpartum anxiety, how she continues to stay well and the work she is doing to inspire and empower others.

In this episode, Courtney shares her journey into motherhood and how she reached breaking point after the birth of her second child. We talk about postpartum depression and anxiety and the stigma associated with this, the importance of reaching out for help and how her turning point was during her first session with a psychologist. 

We dive into the daily practises that Courtney has established to bring her back to the present moment and act like a private investigator of her own mind. Courtney shares how she was only ever into physical fitness and hated staying still and how she is now a huge advocate for journaling, meditation and the spiritual quest. 

Courtney shares really openly and honestly about her journey and I know this episode will be a real encouragement, particularly to all the mothers and mothers to be out there.


[4:40]: Courtney shares how her Instagram account started as sharing her involvement with triathlons and transitioned into her journey with motherhood and self development 

[7:30]: Courtney talks about her women’s only triathlon club, how it grew and helped to break through mental barriers for everyone in the community

[10:00]: Transitioning into motherhood and how Courtney’s second child broke her and she realised she had lost her sense of self 

[13:00]: Courtney shares about her journey discovering unresolved sadness from childhood and opening up the can of worms to do deep inner healing which was triggered by the birth of her second child. 

[14:30]: Mental health issues run in Courtney’s family and she was aware of potentially having postnatal anxiety. The turning point was reaching out for  help and having her first session with her psychologist. 

[16:30]: Once she started to understand what was going on, she was able to use the tools she had to prioritise taking care of herself 

[18:25]: Courtney shares how she was functioning in high cortisol levels and unconscious to the deeper healing she was needing. Now she recognises that there are triggers for her to deal with her own stuff. 

[21:30]: The most important thing is to be open to asking for help and support and having the courage to ask if your loved one is ok

[24:30]: Everyone’s feelings are valid and we don’t know what someone is going through from the outside. Courtney talks about matrescence, which is the transition women experience into motherhood.

[29:00]: Courtney talks about her daily practise of journaling and meditation and how she has been able to separate herself from her thoughts to be a private investigator to her own life. 

[31:30]: She used to rely on good eating and exercise but she’s now about the mind/body/soul connection. It’s hard work but it’s one brick at the time. 

[32:40]: Sam and Courtney talk about the power of meditation and how old memories of childhood trauma have surfaced for Courtney

[35:00]: If you say you don’t have time to meditate, journal or intentionally be still, look at your screen time

[36:00]: Sam opens up about his experience with meditation and how old memories are coming up 

[38:00]: Where to find Courtney and what she’s up to in the future 

[38:50]: Courtney shares the best 3 pieces of advice she’s received 


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Instagram: _courtneymccarty_

Website: https://courtneymccarty.com/

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