Episode 5: 4 Ways To Win During Isolation & Uncertainty

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Episode by LIVIN Co-Founder: Sam Webb

In this episode of Webbs of Wisdom, I share some tips and tools to get through COVID-19 isolation and these uncertain times.

I’m happy to be bringing you another Webbs of Wisdom episode today on the podcast. These are short and insightful episodes that are designed to bring you some nuggets of wisdom that I have learned along the way in the hope that they will help you with your own unique mental health struggles. Uniqueness is a good segue into the current global crisis - these are uncharted waters and it is a situation that poses both threats to and opportunities for our mental health.

Materialism is dead, for the time being, and focus has shifted to primal needs such as food, water, shelter, safety and security - that last one being where I come in. Psychological security, the strength of mind, resilience despite isolation. These are areas I want to touch on in this episode as well as using this period of isolation and solitude as a time to perform your own mental health check-up and adopt ideas and behaviours that will see you emerge from this social confinement grounded and prepared for the next leg of your journey.

Dr Sue Varma, the founding medical director of the World Trade Center mental health program at New York University surmised well the impact of simply not knowing on our ability to strategise and cope: “What’s different today from the 9/11 attacks or Hurricane Katrina or the tsunami in Japan is that those episodes had finite endings. With this virus, we see no end in sight, so it’s more traumatic and more chaotic and so we need to do what’s in our control to not only just cope with what is happening, but to propel us forward and to lead so other people can follow who don’t necessarily have the tools or means.”

In this Webb of Wisdom, I cover the threats we are facing, the power of a hug and ways to satisfy this need digitally, adapting creatively, making time for yourself, making healthy choices, being realistic, and reconnecting with what you enjoy.

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Thanks for listening to another episode of It Ain’t Weak to Speak with Sam Webb.

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