Episode 4: David Higgs Speaks On What He Learned From Getting Coronavirus

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There are currently over 1 billion people in lockdown around the globe.  Millions of people have lost their jobs and tens of thousands of people have died during what has become a global pandemic in 2020.  Coronavirus has impacted us all, forcing us into isolation, and yet somehow it has given us the opportunity to unite.  

If you have turned on the news for even a few short minutes lately, you would have been bombarded with the latest Coronavirus updates.  With so many voices speaking, so many uncertainties and concerns about the future, it can be easy to let your mind go into a state of panic and fear.  

In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with David Higgs who not only contracted Coronavirus but came out the other side with a whole new perspective on life and a deeper understanding of himself.      

David is an Australian fashion and celebrity photographer who has been living and working in LA for the last 3 years.  He was lucky enough to win the Green Card lottery but luck only gets you so far and David shares a little about the struggle of his transition and how he coped while forging his career in LA.  Little did he know, the perspective he gained during that time of transition would actually help him to dig deeper into himself during his time of sickness and isolation.

As you can imagine, contracting Coronavirus in the midst of worldwide panic was quite a shock for David.  Fortunately his symptoms were mild and like many people diagnosed, he has returned to full health. David talks about his experience after contracting the virus and how he managed his mental and physical health whilst in isolation.  

David’s perspective is an inspiring one as he speaks about the importance of looking at the positive side in each situation. Whilst in isolation, he took the opportunity to connect with his own heart on a deeper level and began to understand himself in a whole new way. 

With so much fear consuming the globe, it’s so important to set our minds on the positive side. We might be physically isolated, but that doesn’t have to stop us from reaching out to others. What if this was a catalyst for change and we learned to evolve our relationships into something more personal? We are all in this together. We all have the opportunity to reflect on our lives, to grow and change, deepen our understanding and reach out to others in need.


  • [5:20] - Higgsy’s origin story
  • [6:30] - What it’s like living in LA and the move from Melbourne
  • [7:40] - The differences between USA and Australia
  • [9:20] - How the people in LA are open minded and willing to talk about mental health
  • [10:56] - The unique struggles for creatives chasing their dreams in LA
  • [12:17] - Why organisations like LIVIN are so needed in the world right now
  • [13:00] - Higsy’s specific symptoms of coronavirus
  • [15:35] - Feelings when he received a confirmed case diagnosis
  • [19:43] - Why it’s important to donate infected blood to help with the research
  • [20:15] - The recovery process
  • [21:00] - The stigma attached to those that have had coronavirus and how they feel in society
  • [22:50] - How creating the videos that Higsy shared on his Instagram account helped others
  • [24:00] - How the media is creating panic and ambiguity
  • [25:25] - What Higgsy has learned about himself through this process
  • [26:11] - The social connections that have been made during this time
  • [27:00] - The fact that this situation has allowed people to focus on things that perhaps they've always wanted to do, but they’ve never had the time or space to try
  • [27:16] - How the isolation started to take its toll
  • [28:04] - Focusing on what you can control
  • [30:00] - Focusing on your own back yard and thinking about the things you can do for others around you
  • [32:30] - The best thing about the situation for Higgsy is the connections that he’s been able to make to help each other feel less alone and less afraid
  • [33:20] - Tips to help your mental health when you start to spiral downwards
  • [38:34] - Try to think of one or two people a day that might need a message or checking in with
  • [40:00] - Thinking towards the future and all the creativity that will come from this

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