Episode 7: Myles Scott Speaks On How Failed Love Led To True Self Love

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Do you know your worth?  Not your bank account balance or your social media following, but you, the human being.  What are you worth?  If you took away your relationships, your possessions, your education and social status, do you know that you have inherent value?  Do you know that you’re an essential part of the universe?

To many, these are questions that would never be asked, let alone answered.  We carry on with life, buying and consuming, in and out of relationships, finding the next great thing that brings us satisfaction.  This might not seem like a problem to some, but what happens when those things are taken away?  If your possessions and relationships are your source of identity, it’s fair to say that you would hit rock bottom.  Thankfully, you don’t have to stay there.

Myles Scott is our guest today and he’s going to enlighten you on this topic of identity and speak about things that honestly don’t get spoken about enough.  At the age of 26, Myles’ girlfriend broke up with him and it completely changed his life.  He was a young, fit and successful “player” and all of a sudden, he found himself living back with his mum feeling helpless, worthless and thinking about suicide every day.  This relationship breakdown was the catalyst for inner searching which led to a reformation of all the toxic behaviour Myles had once called normal.

In this episode, Myles shares about his journey of self discovery and reflection and how it brought him to his understanding of identity and the importance of self worth.  Myles’ depth of understanding and personal experience is so transparent as he talks about things such as meditation, spirituality, self care and boundaries.

Myles is now a Transformation Coach, helping others to go through the same journey of discovery into a true sense of self worth.  With a firm foundation of identity, you can weather any storm.  The real challenge is being courageous enough to be vulnerable. 



[5:36]: Where Myles’ journey of self-discovery began

[6:55]: How a break up caused Myles to go inward for the first time in his life at 26 years old

[11:10]: The slippery slope of a toxic relationship

[12:00]: Losing his identity in order to “become the man she wanted me to be”

[14: 55]: Plato’s allegory of the cave - the “cave” that you surround yourself with is what you get used to and you don’t even realise there’s another way

[17:18]: Advice on working through damaging relationships whether they be romantic or otherwise

[17:41]: It all stems from your self-worth - why do you think you’re not worthy?

[19:26]: Truly believing and breaking down this concept of “you are enough”

[21:00]: Strategies to employ to understand your self worth on a spiritual and mental level

[23:15]: Filling your own cup first and then everyone else around you can benefit from the overflow

[24:02]: The difference between knowing you have “self-worth” and feeling “self-worthy”

[25:32]: Understanding where your worth is derived from

[27:32]: Being grateful for how far you’ve come instead of always looking for what else there is

[28:55]: Developing self-worth through self-appreciation practices

[30:36]: Releasing shame to get the full picture of who we really are

[31:32]: Recognising that at your core, you are a good person

[32:15]: Everything in your external world is a reflection of your internal world and the work you have done from within

[34:00]: The lowest point in Myles’ journey and how that became the catalyst for change

[38:40]: The quality of your life is totally dependent on the quality of the questions you ask yourself

[39:15]: The biggest takeaways that Myles has learned 

  • Don’t abandon yourself for the love and approval of others
  • If you don’t take responsibility, you’ll never see yourself as the solution
  • Your beliefs about who you are, are not yours

[41:54]: Vulnerability is a strength because it takes courage not to hide



Website: https://mylesscott.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themylesscott



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