Gold Coast High School Gives Back

Posted by Chris Hogan on

Whilst we are always amazed, we are never surprised when it comes to the incredible initiatives that we hear about created by high school students who are wanting to make a difference. Before the 2018 Year 12 students of Palm Beach Currumbin State High School graduated, LIVIN was invited to attend a cheque presentation from the Student Council at the last full school assembly  for the year. Our LIVIN Co-Founder Casey Lyons attended the assembly and was blown away when the cheque was presented for the amount of $10,000.  LIVIN had been contacted at the beginning of the year advising the charity that the LIVIN Organisation was a majority vote of the 2,6000 students at the school and would be the chosen charity that the students would be fundraising for in 2018. "The support for LIVIN in 2018 was decided through a 2-step process. First the student council and myself collaborated to decide on four charity organisations, each from a different sector, for example, Poverty, mental health. From here these four diverse charities were put forth to all classes and a student vote was taken to decide the sole charity which PBC led the charge for the year – that charity being LIVIN, by a significant majority." Said Braith Gausden, School Captain of Palm Beach Currumbin State High School. With the student council comprising of 12 senior students, it was no small task in arranging and facilitating the events amongst their final year studies and exams especially when the council had set themselves the ambitious goal of raising $10,000 for their chosen charity. Deputy Principal Mitchell Kennedy had nothing but praise for the incredible efforts of both the Student Council and the entire Palm Beach Currumbin High community. "There was very little involvement from us as a leadership team. Events and ideas are driven by the students through House Councils, proposed to the Student Council and then approved." Mitchell stated. "They have consistently focused on events that strengthen community and make school a positive experience for all. They championed an organisation in which they had genuine belief in and the positive message of LIVIN was present in all marketing that encouraged students to get involved to make a difference." The twelve month fundraiser incorporated several events such as a Swimming Carnival, Valentine's Roses, Family Feud event, Raffles and a Trivia Night with all proceeds raised going towards their end-of-year donation. "When the final funds raised we’re revealed, the entire student council had an incredible sense of accomplishment and excitement because in our very first meeting of the year where we began talks of charity funds, we set a very ambitious goal of $10,000 and to find out we were able to do that was an amazing moment. It’s also the knowledge that this money is going to be going towards funds to get the LIVIN team out to other schools and continue breaking down the stigma." Said Braith. Mitchell acknowledged the importance of the cause that the students chose and the genuine enthusiasm and commitment that the student body showed throughout the entire year, not just with fundraising but with spreading awareness on mental health amongst their peers. "The reduction of stigma around mental health and the wider awareness of any concerns relating to mental health has been noticeable over the past few years. It’s vital that students feel empowered to acknowledge mental health and build strategies and supports to countering every day challenges. The Student Council have been brilliant in helping all students realise that mental health is a factor in all our lives, no matter how ‘successful’ you are." We sincerely thank all of the amazing students, their families and the wonderful administration and teaching staff at Palm Beach Currumbin High School.  The fact this initiative came entirely from the students means a lot and we look forward to being back at the school in 2019 for our LIVINWell Program. It Ain't Weak To Speak.