LIVIN in movie motion

Posted by Chris Hogan on

Everyone is different which is why it is so important that we as an organisation, are versatile in our method of delivery when it comes to communicating our message- what will connect with some, may not connect with others. Those of you who have been following our social media platforms, would have seen the awesome creations from the talented team at WeMOV who worked closely with our LIVIN team to make a visual representation of our LIVIN Tips and Tricks to help improve mental health. The aim was to make the message as friendly as possible and as relatable as possible.  Whilst mental health is a serious issue, it is possible - and necessary - to discuss it on a more relaxed platform and we believe that is exactly what these videos have done. We sincerely thank all of the team at WeMOV who captured the message perfectly and delivered it in a way that we just want to watch, and watch again! Our organisation was offered incredible support and valuable direction throughout the entire process and we look forward to continuing to work together in helping to spread awareness on mental health. Check out the WeMOV Facebook Page  and WeMOV Instagram and throw these legends a Like. To watch their awesome work again, check out our LIVIN YouTube channel - or just click Play below.