Ramsden Lawyers pays it forward for mental health

Posted by Chris Hogan on

“LIVINWell in our Workplaces” is a new initiative by Livin and Ramsden Lawyers on the Gold Coast encouraging those in the corporate sector to become actively involved in the necessary conversation about mental health awareness. The concept of the initiative was to engage local businesses across the Gold Coast in participating in the LIVINWell mental health educational program and then 'paying the program forward' to another business. With Mental health issues in the workplace growing rapidly across the country, more than four million Australians are affected by mental health conditions every year. LIVINWell in our Workplaces, aims to engage corporate Australia through the creation of a facilitated bi-monthly breakfast forum, using LIVIN’s existing knowledge and expertise and combining our networks to engage employees and employers alike. Initiatives such as this which was instigated by a local business is what keeps the momentum of mental health awareness, through conversations in the workplace.
We congratulate the team at Ramsden Lawyers for being proactive in their commitment to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health awareness and for all of their incredible work within the community. It Ain't Weak To Speak.